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Where To Include Your Dance Lessons In Your Event Planning Timeline

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

OK. So you've cut out the comprehensive looking wedding planner timeline from the latest Bride Magazine and stuck it to your fridge. The first ticks for "Pick Your Venue", and confirm a date are marked off already. Everything from the dress, booking a hair and makeup trial, checking the ring size, confirming invites and preparing speeches is on there, and it could be a year or more of ticking the boxes.

Have you ever noticed though that dance lessons are often missed off the list? You have planned everything down to the tee, but learning to dance slipped your mind, and now you have to get up in front of all your guests and do a first dance for them. Oh dear.

Event Planners often ask about dance lessons for their wedding clients, and when the best time to start lessons is. Well the truth is, as soon as possible.

Dancing well, and feeling comfortable and relaxed takes time and practice. Having said that, it's a fun experience for couples, so why not start early and enjoy the activity.

We recommend to couples who want to pull off a great first dance, that they start thinking about booking the first lesson anywhere between six and three months in advance. This will give you the time to fit in lessons over a period of time, practice, and remember the steps. Planning a wedding can be hectic, and as you get closer to the day you will get busier and busier trying to schedule in appointments that cannot be done earlier such as final rehearsals and dress fittings. Learning to dance a few months in advance of this will undoubtedly take some pressure off.

If you have left the dance until last minute, do not fear. It is still possible to learn a number of great simple steps to fill out your chosen piece of music and look stunning all the same. Its amazing how much you can actually pick up when taught by an expert who knows you have limited time and just need to make the most of it. It is not too late, even if you are getting married tomorrow to get a few pointers.

Most importantly, do take some lessons. You will not regret it, and they are not expensive compared to most other things you will be paying for. Your wedding is not the time to pull out your nightclub moves, although they may be pretty entertaining for the guests. It will be a fun experience, and on the wedding day it will be well worth it.


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