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The Biggest Surprise Of Any Wedding

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

Congratulations you're engaged! Now What? Chances are you have never organised an event quite the scale of a wedding, and you're either a) so excited you've already called 15 wedding planners, or b) you are about to 'lose it' just thinking about the task ahead.

Everyone knows there are certain elements that need organising to pull off an event that resembles a wedding, rather than just a big party. Traditions such as a wedding dress, the cake, florist, musical entertainment, and of course a wedding venue, but how many couples stop to think about their first dance as one of these?

The First Dance (or Bridal Dance) is a long standing tradition for couples at their wedding reception. It is also one moment throughout the whole day when the couple can appreciate time with one another and no one else (even if it is only for a couple of minutes).

For many couples, dancing in front of an audience can be daunting. All eyes are on you at this moment, and you are sweating it just trying to avoid tripping over the dress!

Here's the secret to the biggest surprise of any wedding....

One, or neither of you have ever danced before, but when the MC announces the first dance and you hit the D-Floor, you've come prepared and rip out a killer routine. Your guests will actually be asking "what just happened?!"

Dance lessons should be included into even the simplest of wedding plans, and it is recommended you start as early as possible, but at least a couple of months prior to the wedding.

The reason you should ask a wedding dance choreographer to help you, is the same reason you ask a celebrant to marry you- that's what they do. An expert dance instructor can help beginners through to expert dancers with a number of steps to make your first dance flow and not look awkward. In turn, you'll feel more relaxed and simply enjoy the moment with your new spouse.

Your instructor can help you with music selection, and create a dance that reflects your individual personalities, whether that's a romantic slow dance or a full blown flash mob including your bridal party.

Get Creative. Its your moment, so anything goes


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