We Create Unique First Wedding Dances For Couples. No Two Dances Are The Same. Private Lessons With An Expert Tutor In Your Own Home.

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Bridal Dance Lessons Glen Waverley

Don’t Worry About Your Two Left Feet


Looking for bridal dance lessons in Glen Waverley? You’ve come to the right place! 

For convenient, effective and friendly bridal dance lessons in Glen Waverley, you needn’t look further than The Bridal Dance. Here at The Bridal Dance, we derive satisfaction from collaborating with our customers to create a truly memorable moment for the couple and their guests. We want you to feel happy in the moment, we don’t want you worrying about your two left feet! 

The Bridal Dance instructor is a consummate professional, having been trained in dance in Australia and abroad. But she strives to be friendly and approachable in our bridal dance lessons for Glen Waverley customers. If you are comfortable, you are confident, and this is how you choreograph a dance where you truly shine!


Let Us Take the Stress Out of Learning to Dance


Dance Lessons Glen Waverley


Not feeling confident about your big dance? Stressed about preparation? The Bridal Dance understands. We have met many nervous couples over the years, who have never considered themselves dancers. We also understand the stress of preparing for your big event, there is lots to organise and plan, feeling relaxed to enjoy a dance with your partner probably feels like the last thing you want to do. 

But dancing is for everyone! What’s more, to relieve the stress of preparing for your big event, we can visit your home and instruct you in your living room, no matter where you reside in Melbourne. Not only is this convenient, it’s also a place where you feel most comfortable. The more relaxed you are, the more you’ll enjoy the dance. 

Fitting your dance lessons in Glen Waverley into a busy schedule is a great way to ensure you have enough practice to feel confident on your big day. Compose this touching tribute to each other via the intimacy and expression of a well-choreographed dance. Our dance lessons for Glen Waverley make your first dance easy! 

You can also choose the song and develop a style of dance that suits your ability and your style, whether you’re after something traditional or you’re looking for something a bit different. The instructor has experience across all styles, so nothing is excluded from the outset. At The Bridal Dance, our only desire is to see you up and moving! 


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Take a sneek peek at one of our wedding dances from rehearsal through to Wedding Day. We have spliced the video so you can really see what goes into practicing a bridal dance.

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A fun dance class that comes to your party at a time that fits into your festivities. Loads of photo opportunities and laughs to be had.